Find Out Why Adrien Graham Wallace Killed His Mother


Adrien Graham Wallace is a convicted murderer. He killed his mother and his nephew on June 4, 2012. Adrien was born in 1971 in Lake Oswego, Oregon, to his mother, Saundra Wallace and his father, whose name is not mentioned. At the time of killing his mother, he was 41 years old.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, Adrien was not married as of the night of the murder. His social life was not well, and his unemployed nature made things more challenging. Adrien Wallace mentioned that he was a good man before he became a murderer. According to medical reports, Adrien had schizophrenia, which might have aggravated his actions.

Before starting to live with his mother, Adrien used to do menial jobs. He moved into his mother’s home three years before killing her; all he did at the house was play video games, smoke cigarettes, and drink beer.

While in school, Adrien was a good student, but he often spent most of his time alone; he did not have friends, and he found it difficult to make friends. His mother, a clinical social worker, had noticed his loneliness, and he had him see a psychiatrist. Adrien went to a psychiatrist on several occasions, but then he would only detect depression.

Reasons for Killing His Mother and Nephew

Adrien Graham Wallace blamed his mother for his miserable life. According to Adrien, his mother, Saundra Wallace, made him an alcoholic, and he had to depend on her for everything. Adrien tried looking for a job to settle down and manage his issues but couldn’t find one. Due to the disappointment of unemployment, he turned to drink alcohol.

On the day he killed his mother, he wanted to kill himself but then thought otherwise and walked home. He got into an argument with his mom and threatened to kill her; as Saundra and her grandson tried to run away, he shot them multiple times.

During an interview with police officers, Adrien Graham Wallace mentioned that after arguing with his mother, he knew he would be thrown out of the house, which is why he took the initiative to shoot her.

The aftermath of Adrien’s Actions

After realizing he had killed his mother and nephew, Adrien called 911 and reported what had happened; he sounded remorseful and wanted to surrender to the police. When the police came, Adrien wished to engage the police so that he could die in the process since he could not kill himself, but he decided to stand down.

Trial and Conviction

When Adrien was arraigned in court, he did not testify because he was not fit to stand trial because of his mental state. The psychologist who assessed Adrien found out that he had paranoid schizophrenia.

Despite his mental state, Adrien Graham Wallace had committed a crime, and he had to be accountable. The judge listening to the case sentenced him to life imprisonment after his lawyer defended him on a death sentence. As for Wallace, he was ready to be jailed because he had committed a crime.


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