All About Emily from Too Hot to Handle Season 2


A professional British model and reality star, Emily Faye Miller is most known for her performance in the second season of the Netflix reality series “Too Hot to Handle.” She has swept her way into the hearts of admirers worldwide. She is a rising beauty and secret heartbreaker. She was born on April 10, 1994, in London, United Kingdom. Miller is an Aries and of Indian descent, despite being a British citizen and speaking with the associated accent. Let’s explore more about this celebrity further in this article.

Personal Life of Emily Faye Miller

Emily began modeling in college and has subsequently collaborated with multiple businesses. Anthony Robert, Bikini Deluxe Swimwear, and Prisca Tozzi are among the brands she has worked with. Currently, she works with FOMO models.

She is a successful model who lives with her family and boyfriend Cam Holmes, whom she met on this show. In Season Two of “Too Hot to Handle,” Holmes was a runner-up. Soon after the show ended, the duo started their YouTube channel, which they named “Cam and Em.”

What is the Show “Too Hot to Handle” About?

American-British production companies Talkback and Thames collaborated to create the reality TV dating game Too Hot to Handle. The show, hosted by a virtual assistant named “Lana,” focuses on 10 adults locked up in a house for four weeks and must participate in various workshops while prohibited from kissing, sexual contact or self-gratification.

The cash prize is reduced any time a rule is broken. All the participants primarily have meaningless flings and cannot build genuine relationships. The show’s second season, accompanied by the third season, was started in January 2021, and both were filmed back-to-back on the Turks and Caicos Islands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of the Show

Fifteen participants in season 2, including Emily Miller, entered the show in episode 1. She was a finalist in the show along with Chase de Moor, Elle Monae, Joey Joy, Melinda Melrose, Nathan Webb, and Tabitha Clifft. Marvin Anthony won the show and the hearts of his fans and viewers, while Cam Holmes was the runner-up. Marvin Anthony previously made an appearance in season four of Les Princes et les Princesses de l’Amour. Together with Harry Jowsey, a participant from season 1, Chase de Moor starred in Floor Is Lava.

Emily and Cam’s relationship

Since Emily and Cam from Too Hot to Handle was a fantastic match and should have won the competition, their sudden separation in April 2022 was disheartening. Although the two didn’t discuss their breakup then, suspicions that Cam was dishonest and had cheated on Emily while she was away from home immediately surfaced. Fortunately, by that summer, it seemed like Emily and Cam had found their way back together, and these Too Hot to Handle season 2 stars are the happiest they’ve ever been.

Final Words

Miller worked with “PrettyLittleThing” in July of the same year after the show ended. Miller has collaborated with numerous fashion companies, and in August 2021, she introduced her line of shoes with Simmi Shoes. In 2022, she began working with “Fashionnova”. Along with her professional life, she is also enjoying her love life with her long-time boyfriend and co-contestant Cam Holmes.

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