Carl Gettleman Personal Life And Net worth


There are some people in the world who get popularity because of their mother and Carl Gettleman is one of those people. Today, he is best known for being the son of legendary American actress Estelle Getty. She is no more today but her legacy is still alive.

Here, let us unfold all the details about Carl Gettleman including his childhood, siblings, education, profession, parents, net worth, love life, and many others.

Personal life

Since Carl Gettleman himself has not publicized his life, there is no information available about his birth details. After looking at him, we can say that he must be 50-60 years old today. The only information available about his childhood is the names of his parents that are Estelle Getty and Arthur Gettleman.

Not just the early life details but Carl Gettleman has kept the information about his married life a secret as well. Considering his age, we assume that he must have gotten married if he was ever interested in the institution of marriage.

Parents and siblings

Carl Gettleman is one of two children of his parents, Estelle Getty and Arthur Gettleman, who got married in 1947 and led a happy and successful married life till the death of Carl Gettleman’s father in 2004. Like their personal lives, they were tremendously successful in their professional careers as well. The mother of Carl Gettleman was a renowned actress and his father used to run a successful glass business.

Speaking of the siblings of Carl Gettleman, he has one brother and his name is Barry Gettleman. What he does professionally is not known to the public.


As we already said Carl Gettleman has preferred to keep everything related to his married life to himself only, there is nothing available about his kids.

Education and profession

The way Carl Gettleman has maintained privacy over his personal life, it does not come as a surprise that his educational as well as professional details are not known to the public. However, since he is the son of such a great celebrity, it is obvious that he would have received an education from a top-level institution and would be working in some prestigious profession as well.

Reason for the popularity of Carl Gettleman

Undoubtedly, the only reason for the popularity of Carl Gettleman is his mother, Estelle Getty, who was a phenomenal actress and held a successful acting career spanning almost six decades.

Net worth of Carl Gettleman

To find out the net worth of Carl Gettleman, we need to have information about his profession and it is a secret matter. Given this fact, the earnings and the net worth of Carl Gettleman can’t be exactly estimated. However, we are pretty sure that he is a millionaire today because he along with his brother inherited a huge amount of around 8 million from his mother.


Not everyone enjoys stardom and publicity and Carl Gettleman is like those people. Despite being the son of such a popular personality, he always kept his life private.

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