Get to Know DJ Mike Jackson


DJ Mike Jackson is the husband of American media personality Egypt Sherrod. He was born and raised in Hempstead; however, her exact date of birth is unknown. DJ Mike Jackson, who also goes by the name Dj Fadelf, has one brother named Jamel D. Jackson, an entrepreneur and author.


DJ Mike Jackson is highly educated; after completing high school, he attended Nassau Community College, where he graduated with a degree in accounting and finance. He also sought further studies by attending Five Towns College, where he pursued audio recording tech.


DJ Mike Jackson is a multi-talented individual; he has worked in different fields as a DJ, contractor, reality star, and even an entrepreneur. Besides, DJ Mike Jackson is a real estate agent at Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group. On television, he appeared on the show Married To Real Estate, where he appeared alongside his wife, Egypt Sherrod. DJ Mike Jackson has also ventured into the business sector as he owns and operates Luxe Sound Entertainment.

DJ Mike Jackson has loved construction since he was a young boy; his family owned a construction company where he used to work with his uncle and grandfather, which ignited his love for construction until he decided to be a contractor.

Personal Life

DJ Mike Jackson has been married at least twice in his life; he was too young the first time he got married, and the marriage led to having a daughter named Simone Nikolej. After separating from his first wife, DJ Mike Jackson started dating Egypt Sherrod, and they made their relationship public in 2004; four years later, the two lovebirds got engaged, and they tied the knot in 2010. DJ Mike Jackson has been together with his wife, Egypt Sherrod, for nearly 20 years, and the couple has two daughters named Harper Skye and Kendall Jackson.

DJ Mike Jackson and his wife continue sharing their love and seem happy, as there have been no rumors of separation. Besides, the couple works together to support each other in their endeavors.

His Wife

When DJ Mike Jackson met his wife, Egypt Sherrod, they had both established themselves in the media industry. Egypt was already a television reality star and has worked for over 20 years since then. She began her career in a radio station in her late teen years, moving up the ladder until she became the host of Property Virgins. DJ Mike’s wife had a good career in the media industry and other business ventures since she is the CEO of Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

DJ Mike Jackson owns several companies and has worked as a contractor, real estate agent, and entrepreneur for many years. Throughout these years, he has amassed much wealth, and his net worth is estimated to be over 5 million.

Mike Jackson is active on social media, especially on Instagram, with thousands of followers. He likes posting pictures of himself and those of his family.

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