Who was Estelle Rosenbaum Blanc?


Estelle Rosenbaum Blanc was the wife of American voice actor Mel Blanc. She was born on July 12, 1910, in Denver, Colorado. Before marrying Mel Blanc, they had worked together in a radio show in 1932, and a year later, they tied the knot. In their marriage, the couple was blessed with one child Noel Blanc.

Estelle cohosted Cobweb and Nuts radio show with her husband, after which they moved to Los Angeles. She was very supportive of her husband’s career; she helped him prepare for his work and built a recording studio for him when he suffered an automobile accident.

Her Husband

Estelle’s husband was talented; he started hosting a radio show when he was 19; and worked five years later with Estelle, who became his wife. In the 1930s, Mel Blanc began his voice acting career, working with Leon Schlesinger Productions. He provided the voice for many cartoon shows, including Picador Porky, his first project.

Estelle’s husband provided the voice of Porky Pig in the cartoon show Porky’s Dunk Hunt. After his starring role, Mel went on to do voice work in many Warner Bros projects; he was also behind the voice of Woody Woodpecker. Estelle’s husband’s work in the cartoon industry is highly regarded, and his death was a massive loss to the industry.

Mel Blanc left a legacy, and cartoon shows like Tommy and Jerry became what they are today because of his extraordinary work. Even after Estelle’s husband’s death, people watched and listened to his work. Besides, their son Noel continued with his father’s work.

Estelle’s Husband’s Car Accident

Estelle’s husband was in his car on January 24, 1961, driving home when he was involved in a car accident. The accident occurred at Sunset Boulevard; consequently, Mel suffered injuries to his pelvis and legs. He was rushed to the hospital while unconscious after staying in the hospital for some weeks; he was released to go and recover at home.

Mel also filed a case against Los Angeles for not restructuring the road. While at home recovering, his son stopped doing voice work as he was by his father’s side to offer him support. Estelle helped set up a home studio so Mel could continue his voice work.

Mel’s Death and Circumstances Leading to His Death

Estelle’s husband was a heavy smoker and had smoked for over sixty years. He had started smoking at least one pack of cigarettes a day before turning 10. After doctors diagnosed Mel with emphysema, he stopped smoking cigarettes. However, Estelle’s husband’s health started deteriorating in 1989.

Mel was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was managed for two months before his death on July 10, 1989. He succumbed to complications of coronary artery disease. Estelle’s husband’s body was laid to rest at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


Estelle Rosenbaum Blanc died on January 12, 2003 aged 92 in Los Angeles, California. She died due to old age and the issues that come with old age. Her remains were interred at Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles.

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