Learn More About Joanie Maiorella


Joanie Maiorella is the sister of American reality TV personality Deena Nicole Cortese. She is also as talented as her sister; she appeared on the reality show Jersey Shore with her sister. Joanie was born to Italian-American parents Joan and Joan Cortese and grew up with her only sister Deena Nicole.

Personal Life

Joanie Maiorella has kept a low profile, and most details about her personal life are unknown. However, she is married but has not made public her husband’s name. According to her sister, Joanie is a mother, but the number and names of her children are unknown. She is an animal lover and always advocates for their humane treatment.


Regarding her education details, Joanie Maiorella is educated at least to the high school level. There are photos on the internet where she is with her classmates who she studied with at St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School. However, it is unclear if she continued her education after high school and, if she did, which course she pursued.


Joanie is multi-talented; she appeared on the television reality show Jersey Shore. She has also done some DJ-ing, and she is a science teacher. Joanie uses her salary as a teacher to provide for her family.

Her Sister

Joanie’s younger sister is known for appearing on the reality show Jersey Shore. On her first attempt, she auditioned to appear in season one of the show but failed. Deena appeared in the series from 2011 to 2012 and its sequel Jersey Shore: Family Vacation from 2018 to date.

Joanie’s sister’s other television roles include When I Was 17, Silent Library, Couples Therapy, and Celebrity Fear Factor, where she appeared as a contestant. Deena also appeared in episode 4, season 7 of Celebrity Family Feud.

Regarding Joanie’s sister’s personal life, she is married to Christopher Buckner, with whom she has two children, and likes posting them on her Instagram page. Deena has a great personality and has always found it easy to make friends. Joanie’s got herself at loggerheads with her fans after her speech at Angelia Pivarick’s wedding.

Deena made some statements that some of her fans viewed as cruel. However, after the wedding, she defended her remarks, saying that she thought Angelia was okay with whatever she said about her.

Net Worth of Joanie’s Sister

Joanie’s sister has a net worth of approximately 2 million dollars. She has made her wealth through the different roles she has played in reality shows and other projects. Besides, she also has a podcast and adds to her earnings.

Social Media

Joanie Maiorella has tried to live her life privately by avoiding social media platforms. No official accounts belonging to her have been found on Instagram or Twitter. Maybe she has a personal handle and only accepts the friend requests of her close friends and family members.

On the other hand, Joanie’s sister is active on all the social media platforms and likes posting more on her Instagram page. Deena has over 3 million followers, and most of her latest posts are pictures of her children.

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