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Lizziebeth Lewis was the older sister of American actor Emmanuel Lewis who is famously known for playing the title character in the television show Webster. She was born in 1964 in Brooklyn, New York City, to a single mother, Margaret Lewis, a computer programmer. Lizziebeth has three siblings Emmanuel, Chris, and Roscoe Lewis.

Early Life and Educational Background

Lizziebeth Lewis grew up with her three siblings in Brooklyn, New York, raised by her mother. Her mother used her earnings to provide for their daily needs. Regarding Lizziebeth’s educational details, not much is on the internet, but her mother loved education and made sure her children went to school.

Lizziebeth’s brother studied at Midwood High School; she probably attended the same institution before moving to college.

Personal Life

Lizziebeth kept her romantic life away from the media, and it is hard to tell who she was married to and how many kids she had. However, she was a great sister to Emmanuel Lewis, and she used to show up at her brother’s events to show support. They had a close bond, and Emmanuel must have been devastated when she died.

Emmanuel likes posting pictures of his nieces on his Instagram account; probably some or one of them is a child of Lizziebeth Lewis.

Her Brother

Lizziebeth’s brother began acting as a child actor in 1983, starring in the show Webster in a titular role. He appeared on the show for six years, and for his performances, he was nominated four times for Young Artist Awards but, unfortunately, never won even one of them. His other roles in the 1980s and 1990s include The Love Boat, In the House, Family Matters, Moesha, and Malcom & Eddie.

Emmanuel was acting while still going to school, but in college, he used to appear for just three months, and in the other period, he would perform. His latest roles include The Surreal Life: Fame Games, Kickin’ It Old Skool, One on One, and My Super Sweet Sixteen. Lizziebeth’s brother has not been acting since 2008, as he is engaged in other endeavors.

Regarding his personal life, Lizziebeth’s brother is unmarried and has no kids. But he has a close relationship with his nephews and nieces. Emmanuel has a long-term relationship with singer Michael Jackson as they can be seen in events together.

Lizziebeth’s Brother’s Net Worth and Social Media

Lizziebeth’s brother made good money while appearing on the show Webster and his other later roles. However, his exact net worth is unknown, with some sources stating it is about 900,000 dollars.

Emmanuel Lewis is active on social media, particularly Instagram. He likes posting pictures of his loved ones and extended family for his over 90k followers. You can as well watch his videos on his TikTok account.

Is Lizziebeth Lewis Alive?

Lizziebeth Lewis is not alive; her brother posted a picture of the two of them on November 26, 2022, wishing her a happy heavenly birthday. It surprised many since they didn’t know that she was dead. Her family did not disclose the cause of her death.

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