Life Of Maria del Rosario Casas Dupuy


Maria del Rosario Casas Dupuy is the wife of Aldrich Ames. The audience has always demarcated them for their espionage activities. Nonetheless, Maria has always been a supportive wife and assisted her husband in continuing his toil.

The content is articulated to illustrate who Maria del Rosario Casas Dupuy is. Along with her, a brief section will be added about her husband because of whom she is comprehended.

Early Life And Family

Maria del Rosario Casas Dupuy was born on 19th December 1952 in Bogotá, Colombia. She was married to Aldrich Ames and is always noticed as his second wife. The couple wedded in 1985.

Who were her parents? Did she have any siblings? No such notification can be gathered to answer these questions. On the other hand, in front of the media, Maria never comes up with any relevant utterances which can specify anything about her family or early life.


The Department of Justice arrested Maria del Rosario Casas Dupuy and his husband, Aldrich Ames, for jotting down crucial information for Russia and the Soviet Union on 22nd February 1994. The entire procedure of leaking information led to the destruction of several CIA assets.

After the trials, the authorities affirmed Maria and his husband guilty. For spying on the official assets and tax evasion, she was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment. On the other hand, her husband received life detention.

Maria’s Husband And His Net Worth

Aldrich Ames is an ex-Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer imprisoned because of espionage. He was born on 26th May 1941 in River Falls, Wisconsin, U.S. He completed his primary education at McLean High School. He later attended the University of Chicago to acquire a foreign culture and history degree.

Aldrich Ames obtained a bachelor’s degree in history from George Washington University after working in the CIA. With his superior efficiency and capabilities, he gained appraisals and was promoted to a higher position. His first wife, Nancy Segebarth, was a CIA officer and used to belong in the same profession. But after their marriage, Nancy has to quit her job. Moreover, Aldrich used to work at the CIA headquarters in the Soviet-East European (SE) Division.

After his divorce from Nancy, he was forced to think about his financial situation and got underway to spy for the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, after his arrest in front of the authorities, he acknowledged his acts.

After these activities, Aldrich Ames’ story was presented to the audience as a film, Aldrich Ames: Traitor Within, where Timothy Hutton portrayed Aldrich Ames’ character. On the other hand, his story was also elaborated in the second season of Mysteries at the Museum, where Joseph DiMartino stood up as Aldrich.

Aldrich Ames has a net worth of 16 million dollars.

Maria’s Net Worth

At present, detecting anything about Maria’s net worth is not possible. However, after her captivity, how did she stroll efficiently? She avoids confronting the media, so putting forward any statement regarding her income method is impossible.


The above article is about Maria del Rosario Casas Dupuy and her husband. After the controversy, the audience learns about them and how they got into the spying relations. Moreover, to gain notifications about such individualities, keep scrolling this website.

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