Marion Braidfute: The Enigmatic Life of William Wallace’s Spouse


The person today we are going to talk about was the spouse of a historical figure named William Wallace, who was a Scottish knight and played a very important role in the first war of Scottish independence. He was quite famous during his time for his bravery. However, today we are not here to talk about him or his bravery but about his spouse, who was also quite popular at that time because of her husband.

Here, we will discuss all the details about Marion Braidfute including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, earnings, net worth, and all other such details.

Personal life

Marion Braidfute was born in 1278 in Ayrshire, United Kingdom. She was British by nationality and the name of her father was Hugo Braidfute. This is all the information available about the basic life of Marion Braidfute. The name of her mother as well as her religious views are not known to the public.

Speaking of the married life of Marion Braidfute, she was the wife of the Scottish knight William Wallace. How long the couple remained together and enjoyed their married life is not confirmed but we can say that their marriage was short-lived because Marion Braidfute left the world in 1297 when she was only 18 years old. The cause of Marion Braidfute’s death has not been disclosed.

Parents and siblings.

There is not much information including the name of her mother available about the family background of Marion Braidfute. The only confirmed thing about it is the name of her father, Hugo Braidfute.  Also, the profession of her father, Hugo Braidfute, is not known. As for siblings of Marion Braidfute, how many siblings Marion Braidfute had is not known but there is information available about her one brother, who was murdered by William Heselrig.


No information is available about the kids of Marion Braidfute. If you ask us to make an assumption we think Marion Braidfute did not have any kids because if she had any, there must have been their mention.

Education and profession

Like the family details of Marion Braidfute, nothing much is available about education as well as the profession of Marion Braidfute. With the fact that Marion Braidfute had a kind of rough childhood because her father and brother were murdered, we assume that Marion Braidfute might not have had a good education. Likewise, the profession of Marion Braidfute is also unknown.

Reason for the popularity of Marion Braidfute

The only reason for the popularity of Marion Braidfute was her husband, William Wallace, who was the popular Scottish knight at that time.

Net worth of Marion Braidfute

Since no information is available about the profession of Marion Braidfute, her earnings and net worth are also a secret to the public. With the fact that Marion Braidfute was alive centuries ago, no assumption can be made about her as well as her husband’s net worth.


Marion Braidfute was the spouse of such a great knight. This is the reason that her name is alive even centuries after her death.

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