Meet Archie Hammer’s Mother, Dru Ann Mobley

Meet Archie Hammer’s Mother, Dru Ann Mobley

Dru Ann Mobley is the mother of American actor Armie Hammer. She rose to fame thanks to her son Armie, who has appeared in several films and shows, including 2081, Blackout, Final Portrait, and On the Basis of Sex. Dru Ann Mobley was born in 1961 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America, to her parents, Douglas L. Mobley and her mother, whose name is unknown.


Dru Ann Mobley is not only the mother of actor Armie Hammer, but she has also done well for herself; she is a businesswoman, corporate secretary, and entrepreneur. Besides, she also serves on the Armand Hammer Foundation board as a member. Dru Ann also worked as a bank loan officer before her retirement.

Personal Life

Dru Ann Mobley has been married once; she married Michael Armand Hammer in 1987. The couple stayed together for 27 years before deciding to go separately in 2012. During their time together, Dru Ann Mobley and her husband had two children, Victor and Armie Hammer. Upon divorcing Michael, Dru Ann kept a low profile, and she did not date anyone or at least never made it public that she was dating anybody.

Her Son

Armie Hammer is a movie star known for his appearances on several shows; he started acting in 2005, making his debut in an episode of the television show Arrested Development, where he played the role of a student. After that, he appeared in several other television shows and films. Despite having a great career on screen, Dru Ann’s son’s personal life has not been so great; he was accused of sexually abusing several women. Armie Hammer refuted the claims and said it was an online attack against him.

Another woman who claimed to be in a romantic relationship with Armie Hammer mentioned that he had subjected her to abuse to the point where she had to seek mental healthcare after suffering post-traumatic disease disorder. Several other women mentioned that Dru’s son had hurt them, but his lawyers mentioned that any sexual act was consensual and agreed upon.

After several abuse allegations, Dru Ann’s son’s reputation was destroyed, and he had to drop out of some films, including Shotgun Wedding. Besides, he lost his main role in the show The Offer. Armie Hammer was also dropped from his talent agency, and his appearances in some films were removed. In 2022, a documentary named House of Hammer was released, and it is a record of the abuse allegations against Dru Ann’s son.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Dru Ann Mobley’s exact net worth is unknown; however, given that she had worked in several areas over the years, she must have amassed a fortune that could serve her for the rest of her life. On the other hand, her son, who has been in the acting industry for more than 17 years, has a good fortune, but it was affected after facing several abuse allegations.

Regarding her social media presence, Dru Ann Mobley is not active on any social platforms but might have dormant social media accounts.

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