R’Bonney Gabriel’s Mother: A Pillar of Support for the Newly-Crowned Miss Universe



In a triumphant moment, R’Bonney Gabriel, the Texan pageant queen, has been crowned Miss Universe 2023. Throughout her journey, R’Bonney Gabriel’s mother, Dana Walker, has been a constant source of support and pride. This article delves into the background of R’Bonney Gabriel’s family, shining a light on her mother’s role in her success.

The Path to Miss Universe 2023

A Southern Triumph

On January 14, the 71st Miss Universe pageant took place at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center in Louisiana. It was a special moment for R’Bonney Gabriel, as she claimed the coveted title of Miss Universe 2023, with the competition being just a short five-hour drive from her hometown of Houston.

Unveiling R’Bonney Gabriel’s Family Background

The Woman Behind the Queen: Dana Walker

One may wonder about the family that has shaped R’Bonney Gabriel’s journey to success. R’Bonney Gabriel is one of four children born to Dana Walker and Remigio Bonzon “R Bon” Gabriel. While her father hails from the Philippines, her mother, Dana Walker, is a Texan. Growing up, Dana Walker resided in Beaumont, Texas, before settling in Missouri City with her husband, R Bon.

According to R’Bonney Gabriel, her mother is a country woman, and she fondly describes her parents as a “match made in heaven.” Embracing a multicultural upbringing, R’Bonney acknowledges that the contrasting family dynamics from her parents’ backgrounds have contributed to her open-mindedness and personal growth.

A Proud Family’s Support

Dana Walker’s Words of Encouragement

Despite her late entry into the pageant world, R’Bonney Gabriel’s performances have been nothing short of exceptional. Throughout her journey, her mother, Dana, has been a pillar of support, cheering her on from the sidelines. After R’Bonney’s remarkable achievement as the first runner-up in Miss Texas USA, Dana took to Facebook to express her immense pride, stating, “We’re so proud of her.”

This display of unwavering support extends to earlier competitions as well. A year before her Miss Texas USA triumph, R’Bonney placed first runner-up in the Miss Kemah 2020 pageant, an accomplishment that filled her mother with immense pride.

A Father’s Role in the Journey

R Bon’s Appearance in Fashion Campaigns

R’Bonney Gabriel’s father, R Bon, has also played a significant role in her life and career. In a lighthearted fashion campaign, R Bon stepped in as a model, showcasing his daughter’s fashion brand. R’Bonney jokingly mentioned that her father asked for payment for his modeling work, but she declined, reminding him of the times he drove her crazy with love.

Outside of the fashion industry, R Bon has worked as a car mechanic, displaying his versatility and dedication to his craft. His own journey is a testament to his resilience, having moved to the United States with just $20 in his pocket at the age of 25. He later secured a college scholarship in Washington state and went on to earn a doctorate in psychology from the University of Houston.


R’Bonney Gabriel’s ascent to becoming Miss Universe 2023 was undoubtedly a momentous occasion. Behind her remarkable achievement stands the unwavering support of her mother, Dana Walker, and the love and encouragement of her father, R Bon. Their guidance and pride have been instrumental in R’Bonney Gabriel’s journey to success. As she continues to shine on the global stage, the strength of her family’s support serves as a reminder of the importance of unconditional love and belief in one’s dreams.

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