The Tragic Story of Shirellda Terry: A Life Cut Short by Brutality


The person today we are going to talk about is a dead personality. The thing that made Shirellda Terry popular is her death itself. The way she was murdered grabbed worldwide attention. This young teenage American girl was murdered in July 2013 by Michael Madison.

Today, we will disclose all the details about her including early life, family, age, education, parents, siblings, education profession, net worth, children, death, and other details.

Personal life

Shirellda Terry was born on 20 October 1994 to the American couple Van Terry and Belinda Minor. Like her parents, Shirellda Terry was also an American while she never disclosed her religious views. If you talk about the love life of Shirellda Terry, before the young girl could get into any serious romantic relationship, she got murdered in July 2013 by Michael Madison. There was not any reason or rivalry behind this murder. The murderer just abducted Shirellda Terry while she was coming home from her work and then murdered.

Parents and siblings

Shirellda Terry was the loving daughter of  Van Terry and Belinda Minor. This is the only information available about the parents of Shirellda Terry. From their professions to personal lives, nothing is known to the public. As for the siblings, it is not confirmed whether or not Shirellda Terry had any siblings.


With the fact that Shirellda Terry was only 18 years old and was not in any serious romantic relationship, she did not have any kids when she died in 2013.

Education and profession

The educational details of Shirellda Terry are not an exception either. Like her other personal information, no information is available about her educational background as well. If you talk about her profession, we can say that Shirellda Terry was professionally active because she was coming home from work only when she was murdered. However, the father of Shirellda Terry never revealed any details regarding her profession.

Reason for the popularity of Shirellda Terry

Shirellda Terry got popular for the reason that nobody would want to. She was murdered brutally and this was the main reason for her popularity. She made not just national but international news because of her murder. Later on, the murderer of Shirellda Terry was also sentenced to death. Apart from that, Shirellda Terry is also popular for being the niece of famous track athlete, Sonya Richardson. Her aunt also made statements after her death.

Net worth of Shirellda Terry

Considering the fact that Shirellda Terry was only 18 years old when she died and did not have any such prestigious profession, she obviously did not have a huge net worth. She was working at that time but her earnings are not revealed.

Apart from Shirellda Terry, there is no information available about the profession and earnings of her father either.


Shirellda Terry was innocent and she was murdered for no reason. This is really painful. The more painful thing is that she was murdered brutally. We hope she would have a flourishing life in all aspect if she was alive today,

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