Exclusive Insight: Todd and Julie Chrisley’s Involvement in the Family’s Anticipated New Venture


In a surprising twist of events, Todd and Julie Chrisley, known for their roles in the hit show ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ are gearing up for a captivating return to the screen. However, this time, their involvement takes on a unique and restrained form due to their ongoing legal predicament. As the excitement builds around their upcoming reality series, the Chrisley family’s dynamic takes center stage, with Todd and Julie navigating their role from a different perspective.

Behind Prison Walls, An Unconventional Presence

The legal world might not be eager to see Todd and Julie Chrisley back on television, but the couple’s attorney, Jay Surgent, offers an exclusive glimpse into their participation. Amid their prison sentences, it’s become apparent that the Bureau of Prisons is unlikely to allow filming directly involving Todd and Julie. However, this does not extinguish their desire to contribute in their unique way.

Surgent, a Partner at Weiner Law Group LLP who specializes in white-collar crime, explains the intricacies involved: “Certain rules and regulations have to be followed for security purposes and the administration operations in the prisons, and there’s no question about that. However, I expect, knowing Todd, that he will contribute in every way that he can by speaking with him.”

A Voice Through Their Offspring

The limitations imposed by their circumstances don’t deter the Chrisleys from making their presence felt. Although they won’t be active participants in the filming process, their perspectives and concerns will find expression through their children’s narratives.

Surgent delves into the details: “He’ll be adding his viewpoints on things relative to his thoughts about his children, what they’re doing with their careers, with this new show that’s being now shopped. Also, his own situation as well as Julie’s situation.” The upcoming unscripted docuseries serves as the perfect platform for these expressions.

A Natural Return

Despite their legal hurdles, Todd Chrisley’s enthusiasm for the family’s return to television is palpable. According to Surgent, the unscripted nature of the show aligns with Todd’s vision: “It’s going to be natural and straightforward… It’s not like, I don’t know, acted out or preconceived.” The genuine and unfiltered portrayal of the family’s journey seems to be Todd’s primary focus.

The Legal Tightrope

Todd and Julie’s legal situation adds layers of complexity to their involvement. Surgent highlights the ethical and legal boundaries they must navigate: “There’s certain things that can’t be said and done while there’s pending of an appeal before any circuit court in the United States, no less in their situation where they’ve gotten a lot of publicity.”

While the couple’s children and Todd’s mother, Nanny Faye, can express their concerns, they must tread carefully when discussing legal matters. The delicate balance between expressing their hopes and not prejudicing the ongoing appeal requires precision.

A New Chapter Awaits

The anticipation for the Chrisley family’s next chapter is palpable. Despite their absence from the filming, Todd and Julie Chrisley’s influence will be unmistakable as their children take the reins of the narrative. With a renewed focus on authenticity and genuine storytelling, the family’s journey promises to captivate audiences once again.

In a world that’s no stranger to reality TV twists, the Chrisleys’ unexpected path back to television brings a fresh perspective and a renewed appreciation for their story. As the release date of their new reality series approaches, the audience eagerly awaits a glimpse into the lives of Todd, Julie, and their resilient family.

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