Who Is Byron Klebold?


The person today we are going to talk about is a celebrity son and is best known because of his mother, Sue Klebold, who is a famous American writer and activist. Other than that, Byron Klebold is also known for being the brother of notorious American mass murderer Dylan Klebold.

We are here to talk everything about Byron Klebold. So if you are interested in that, unfold the life details including his early life, family, siblings, education profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other things.

Personal life

Born on 23rd October 1978, Byron Klebold is a 44-year-old American celebrity son. The names of his parents are Sue Klebold and Thomas Klebold. Apart from this, no other information is available about the early life of Byron Klebold. Coming to his love life, it is also a mystery to the public. With the fact that Byron Klebold is already 44 years old, we expect he might have already gotten married.

Parents and siblings

Byron Klebold is one of two children of his parents, Sue Klebold and Thomas Klebold, who got married in 1971. They went through many option downs in their life together but their marriage could not stay steadfast and ended up getting broken in 2014 after 43 years of togetherness. If you talk about the professions, you already know that the mother of Byron Klebold is a prominent author. On the other hand, there is no information available about the profession of Byron Klebold’s father.

Speaking of the siblings of Byron Klebold he has one brother, Dylan Klebold, who is a notorious American murderer and was involved in a mass murder.


Since no information is available on the married life of Byron Klebold, nothing can be said about his kids and family.

Education and profession

As you know Byron Klebold himself is not a celebrity, nothing is available about her education as well as profession. Also, he himself never revealed any details regarding his life, we can’t make any assumptions about his career and source of earnings either.

Reason for the popularity of Byron Klebold

The mother of Byron Klebold is definitely a major reason for his popularity but Byron Klebold along with his family actually grabbed public attention and became a news headline because of his murderer brother in 1999. Thereafter, however, Byron Klebold has maintained a low profile and kept himself completely away from the limelight of the media.

Net worth of Byron Klebold

Since Byron Klebold has not revealed any information about his profession, we can’t exactly figure out his earnings and net worth. If you talk about the net worth of his writer mother, Sue Klebold, she is estimated to have a huge net worth of around 1 million. The major chunk of her earnings comes from her writing career.


The brother of Byron Klebold is a brutal murderer but Byron Klebold himself seems to be a kind man. He is leading a peaceful life and never got involved in any such acts.

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