Who is Elena Gilyard?


Elena Gilyard is the second wife of American actor and businessman the late Clarence Gilyard. She gained recognition after her marriage to the late American actor. Besides gaining recognition as the second wife of Clarence, Elena has done well for herself. She is a businesswoman, media and online personality.

Education and Career

Elena Gilyard is a well-educated woman, but little is known about her educational background. There are no details about the schools she has attended. However, upon completing her education, Elena has established herself professionally. She is a social worker, businesswoman, media and online personality. Besides, given that she is a celebrity, she is exposed to many opportunities.

Personal Life

In her personal life, Elena Gilyard has not revealed if she was in any past relationships before meeting Clarence Gilyard. Besides, it is unclear how the two lovebirds met, but they were together for over two decades. Elena Gilyard married Clarence in 2001, and the couple had four children during their time together.

Her Marriage

After marrying, Elena’s husband stopped appearing in films and television shows. He mentioned that he stopped acting to spend time with his family, basically his second wife and kids. He said that he was not present in the lives of his two older children from his first wife, and he did not want to miss out on the lives of his children with Elena Gilyard. After quitting starring in shows, Clarence started teaching theater and screen acting at the University of Nevada. It was a good decision, as Clarence spent more time with his wife and children.

Elena’s marriage to Clarence Gilyard was good, as there were no hassles between the couple. They spent time together until Clarence died, and during their over 20 years of marriage, they had four children, but their details have been kept from the public.

Her Husband

Elena’s husband grew up in Washington, but then, in the late 1970s, he moved to Los Angeles to begin an acting career. He started as a character actor, appearing as a guest actor; some of the shows he appeared in include The Facts of Life and Die Hard. After quitting acting for some time, Elena’s husband taught at the University of Nevada. He was an important member of the institution, and upon his death, the administration mentioned that he was a beacon in the theatre department.

Her Husband’s Death

Most people who knew Elena’s husband did not know if he was battling a disease. He had been ill for a long time but never mentioned this, as he continued teaching until his demise in November 2022. The disease or cause of his death was never made public; he died at 66.

Net worth

Elena Gilyard has a lot of sources of money; she is a businesswoman, and she makes a lot of money from her various businesses. Besides, she is a media personality and a social worker. Despite not making the details of her net worth public, it is worth believing she has enough money to support herself and her four children. Besides, her husband left money to care for her and her children.

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