Ans van den Herik All About Her Life and Death


In the colorful tapestry of life, there are individuals who, while they might not always be in the limelight themselves, play a pivotal role in shaping the lives and careers of those who are. One such individual was Ans van den Herik, the mother of Yolanda Hadid and the maternal grandmother to supermodels Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid. Through her life, Ans exemplified values of resilience, strength, and love.

Early Life

Ans van den Herik was born in the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands. Growing up, she was imbued with the values of hard work, determination, and family above all. The Netherlands, with its mix of pastoral beauty and urban sophistication, provided Ans with a balanced perspective on life, something she would pass on to her children and grandchildren.

A Beacon of Support

Ans played a foundational role in Yolanda’s life, guiding her through her early years and into adulthood. When Yolanda embarked on her journey into the world of modeling and later, television, it was Ans’s unwavering support that remained a constant. This foundational support extended to her grandchildren, Gigi, Bella, and Anwar, as they navigated the challenges and rewards of the modeling world.

It is often said that behind every successful individual, there’s a pillar of strength, guiding and supporting them. For the Hadids, Ans was undoubtedly that pillar. Through successes and challenges, Ans’s wisdom and love were a constant source of strength. Her home in the Netherlands became a sanctuary for the family, a place to reconnect with their roots and find respite from the frenzied world of fashion and fame.

Championing Family Values

One of the most admirable aspects of Ans’s life was her dedication to family values. In an ever-changing world, she understood the importance of grounding her family in traditions and values. Every family gathering, every holiday was an opportunity for Ans to instill in her children and grandchildren the values she held dear.

These gatherings were not just about tradition; they were about connection. Ans created an environment where everyone felt heard and valued. Stories were shared, wisdom was passed down, and the bonds of family were strengthened. The importance she placed on family unity is evident in the closeness of the Hadid family members today.


Ans van den Herik passed away in August 2019, leaving behind a legacy of love, strength, and unity. The outpouring of grief and love from not just the Hadid family, but also from those who had been touched by her kindness, was a testament to the impact she had.

Her legacy, however, is most palpably felt in the values she imparted to her family. Every achievement of the Hadids, every act of kindness, is a reflection of the lessons Ans instilled in them. Even in her absence, her teachings and love continue to guide and inspire them.


Ans van den Herik’s life story might not be one that graced magazine covers or made headlines, but it was one of profound impact. Through her unwavering support, her teachings, and her love, she played an integral role in shaping the lives of the Hadid family. In her life and her legacy, Ans reminds us of the unmatched power of family, love, and resilience. While she might have departed from this world, her spirit and teachings live on, ensuring that the Hadid legacy is one of not just success but also of values, love, and unity.

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