Meet Shah Rukh Khan’s Mother, Lateef Fatima Khan


Lateef Fatima Khan was the mother of Indian film actor and producer Shah Rukh Khan. She was born on July 1, 1941, in Tolichowki, Hyderabad. Her father was a senior engineer in the Indian government, and life was not tough for her as she was provided with everything she needed. Little is known about her mother or siblings.

Early Life and Education

Lateef Fatima Khan did not have it tough while growing up; her father had already and was still making money to cater to the needs of his family. Regarding her educational details, Lateef Fatima Khan attended the best schools; upon completing her high school education, she enrolled for her college studies at Oxford University.

While her son Shah was speaking about her, he mentioned that Lateef was among the few Muslim women who had achieved immense success. After college, Lateef did various jobs; for one, she was a social worker, a job she did for the larger part of her professional life. Besides social work, Lateef Fatima Khan was also an executive magistrate.

Personal Life

It is unclear how Lateef met her husband, Meer Taj Mohammed Khan, but the two loved each other deeply. Meer was a freedom fighter, and he was connected to India’s politics. He did seek equality and freedom for his fellow Indians. Lateef and her husband, Meer Taj, were together until 1981 when Meer died. During their time together, the couple was blessed with two children, Shah Rukh Khan and Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan.

Her Relationship with Her Son

Shah had a close relationship with his mother, and he was greatly affected by his mother’s death. However, it gave him the energy to pursue her dreams; she died before he made his acting debut, but when he won his first trophy, he dedicated it to her and promised to continue doing better in the acting industry and continue making her proud.

Her Son’s Acting Career

Shah Khan is among the actors in Hindi films, having appeared in close to a hundred films. He is often referred to by most of his fans as King Khan, given that he has won several accolades for his great movie appearances. He has a great following and is among the top most loved Indian actors.

Lateef’s son started his acting career in the late 1980s, making his debut in 1992 in the film Deewana. Besides acting, Shah is also a film producer, and he has also hosted several television and award shows, including TED Talks India Nayi Soch. Besides, Shah Khan was named among the top 100 influential figures in 2023 by Time magazine.

Net Worth

Lateef’s son has made a great fortune while in the show business. He has appeared in several films in which he was paid well. Besides, he has won several accolades. His net worth is estimated to be 760 million dollars.


Lateef Fatima Khan died in 1990; she died due to complications of diabetes; she had been battling the disease for a long time. She was under insulin therapy for a while, but then she eventually kicked the bucket at age 49.

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