Carol Held Knight Biography, Early Life, and Husband


Many of us know Carol Hed Knight as the widow of the late Neil Armstrong. However, we don’t know her in detail. What’s her career, early life, net worth, etc.? If you want to know Carol Held Knight in detail, this post shares the publicly available information about her. Hopefully, you will have known her more by the end of this post.

Carol Held Knight’s Biography

Carol Held Knight is a mother and a businesswoman. She is best known as the widow of the late Neil Armstrong. Carol was born in 1945 in the United States. She is an American national. Her mother was Rosario Cota, and her father was Victor Held. She is a widow with two children: Andrew Knight and Molly Knight.

Details about Carol’s education and early life are unknown. She hasn’t shared any information and prefers staying secret about her life details.

Carol’s Family and Marriage Life

Carol was the second wife of Neil Armstrong. Before that, she was married to Ralph Knight, a businessman. Unfortunately, Ralph died in 1989, triggered by the complications he faced after he got an undiscovered blood clot. His previous plane crash caused the clotting.

Ralph died in 1989, leaving behind his wife and two children. Carol was left to care for their children and ensure they didn’t lack a thing. While caring for her teenagers, Carol met Neil Armstrong in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1992. After they sat together during the pre-tournament breakfast, the two met at a golf tournament.

They had a conversation, and it set the pace for future meetings. Unknown to them, the meeting was a match-making plan devised by their friends Paul and Sally Christiansen. The friends met their objective and enjoyed the reward as they were their legal witnesses at the wedding.

Carol was overexcited, sitting and conversing with the renowned astronaut. She did less talk and left Neil to amuse her. Carol left early to be with her ill mother, and Neil walked her to her car. A few weeks later, the two planned began talking, and Neil visited Carol and helped her cut down a tree.

The two had an age gap of about 15 years, but that didn’t affect their friendship, which later turned to dating. Neil Armstrong was first married to Janet Elizabeth and had three children together. Carol married Neil Armstrong on June 12, 1994. Their marriage was in Ohio, but they also held a second wedding event in Santa Barbara, California.

The couple settled in California but later moved to Ohio several years later. Unfortunately, Neil Armstrong died on August 25, 2012, after suffering from heart surgery complications. The family sued the hospital, and they settled a lawsuit in 2014 for $6 million.

Carol’s Net Worth

Carol is a businesswoman. She is in charge of a Cincinnati-based company left to her by her late first husband. Although we don’t have the exact figure of her net worth, Neil Armstrong left behind a net worth of $8 million.

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