Who is Lesa O’Daniel?


Lesa O’Daniel wears different hats. She is a reputable businesswoman, manager, and celebrity, popularly known as the wife of Felipe Esparza. There are various information you may be curious to know about Lesa. This post will discuss who Lesa O’Daniel is, including her birth, dating life, early life, net worth, etc.

Lesa’s Biography and Profile

Lesa O’Daniel is a female born on February 16, 1972. She was born in the United States of America, and her birthplace is in Jacksonville. Her lucky number is 10, her lucky stone is Amethyst, and her lucky color is Turquoise. Lesa O’Daniel is the daughter of Johnnie Ray O’Daniel and his wife, Saundra Gail Richardson.

Lesa has two siblings: David O’Daniel and Johnnie Jr. O’Daniel. She is an American national, and her religion is Christianity. Lesa’s hair color is blonde, and her eye color is Grey. Lesa is currently 1.70m tall.

Lesa grew up in Dayton, Ohio. Unfortunately, her father was an Air Force officer and passed away on April 22, 2017. Lesa has attended different educational institutions. She began by attending Colonel White High School. Later, she joined Wright State University to pursue her BSc in Psychology.

Still, she joined Baruch College and completed her MBA focusing on Organizational Development. Lesa has been an intelligent young lady since childhood. We associate her intelligence with the fact that she grew up in Ohio.

Career Life of Lesa O’Daniel

After Lesa attained her MBA, she began as a visual fashioner, where she worked for Goldmann Sachs. She has also worked in the IT department for the same company. Lesa moved to New York following an attack on the Twin Towers near her workplace. After she divorced her first husband, she decided to work as a waitress to support her family.

Luckily, she moved on to join The Laugh Factory, and that’s when her career began to come into the limelight. Here, she worked as the CFO for Felipe’s World Inc. Moreover, she helped with the IT department, and even when the company was in jeopardy, she sought to work for other IR organizations.

In 2014, Lesa left a law firm she was working for to take on Esparza’s position and help with management roles, including managing Esparza’s schedules, promotions, etc.

Lesa’s Marriage Life and Net Worth

Lesa O’Daniel is married to Felipe Esparza. Her husband is a reputable actor and a stand-up comedian. He began his stand-up comedy in 1994 and won the Last Comic Standing in 2010. Lesa first married Joshua Wintringham on December 29, 1993, but divorced in 2006. They had their first child on May 3, 2004.

While at The Laugh Factory, Lesa met Esparza in 2008 and fell in love. They began dating and married on December 13, 2014. The couple are blessed with three children and lives a peaceful family life.

Lesa is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million from her career and businesses. As for her husband, we estimate he is worth $3 million.

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