Who was Fred Lauper?


Fred Lauper was the father of American singer and songwriter Cyndi Lauper. It is unclear when he was born, but it was in the early 20th century. He was of Swiss and German descent, and he was a descendant of Christen Lauper, who was the leader of the Swiss peasant war of 1653.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, Fred was married; his first wife was Catrine Gallo, with whom he had three children: daughters Ellen and Cyndi and a son named Fred. Fred’s married to Catrine was short-lived, as they divorced in the late 1950s when Cyndi was only five years old. It was traumatizing for Cyndi Lauper to see her parents go their separate ways, but it was something inevitable.

Upon divorcing Catrine, Fred Lauper went on and remarried and probably had other children. However, he maintained a low profile, and it is hard to tell how long his second marriage lasted. Due to his divorce from Catrine, his relationship with his children suffered, and they often spent time with an abusive stepfather.

His Daughter

Cyndi Lauper did not have it easy growing up; she not only went through the hands of her abusive stepfather but also of her classmates, who were jealous of her fashion sense. Given that her stepfather was so abusive and did not treat her mother well, Catrine divorced him. However, Cyndi was still being bullied while in school; she liked expressing herself in several colors, and her classmates did not like it.

Fred’s daughter rose above her bullies, and she started writing music; she liked listening to the likes of Judy Garland and The Beatles. Her sister was also instrumental in her starting to make music; she gave her an acoustic guitar, which she learned to play and started making music. In high school, things were not any different for Cyndi Lauper; she was expelled from Richmond Hill Highs School for her errant behavior.

Upon her expulsion from high school, she went to Canada, where she wandered for two weeks while doing odd jobs to support herself. She later returned to the US and joined Johnson State College for her art classes.

Fred’s Daughter’s Professional Life

Fred Lauper’s daughter started her career in the entertainment industry in the 1970s, a time at which she was performing as a vocalist for various bands. While singing, Cyndi spoiled her vocal cords, and after visiting a doctor, he said that she would not be able to sing again. However, Cyndi never gave up on her passion, and years later, she regained her voice.

In the 1980s, Cyndi’s music career took a turn, and life was never the same again for her. Over the years, Fred’s daughter has been making great music, and hopefully, she will continue blessing her fans with more songs.


In his later life, Fred Lauper was sick; he had been battling an illness for a long time before eventually dying from its complications. Besides, given he lived a private life, it is hard to tell if his family was present at the time of his death or when he was buried.

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