Glamorous Life of Eva Matulessy-McMillan


Eva Matulessy-McMillan is American and is famous as the wife of the late bodybuilder Cedric McMillan. Her professional and personal lifestyle seems to be unknown. Cedric McMillan had seen tremendous success, especially at the Arnold Classic, all because of his impressive height, size, and aesthetic classic lines. Let’s read more about his personal life, success, and career.

Who was Cedric Mcmillan?

Cedric McMillan was a United States Army instructor and an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. The 2017 Arnold Classic was where he last competed. The classic physique of McMillan, one of the top bodybuilders of the twenty-first century, is preferable to the bulkier physiques of the time.

Early Life

As a child, McMillan used to draw comic characters with outstanding physiques because he was very interested in muscular bodies. At the age of thirteen, he began working out after his mother bought him a weight set. He quickly discovered he was passionate about bodybuilding and had good genetics for the sport.

Amateur Career

He then moved to South Carolina after graduating high school and enrolling in the US Army. Neil, one of his friends, persuaded McMillan to participate in a bodybuilding show that was taking place after four weeks when he observed how McMillan’s physique changed only after one month of training. He competed in it and won the super heavyweight division at the NPC South Carolina in 2007.

Professional Career

McMillan was a top open-division bodybuilder with 8 professional victories and multiple top-five finishes in significant competitions. Since receiving his Pro card in 2009, he has been competing against the world’s top open bodybuilders. His most famous victory came at the 2017 Arnold Classic in Ohio, where he came sixth and met his hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who praised him.

Personal Life

McMillan worked as an instructor at Fort Jackson in South Carolina and lived in Columbia, South Carolina, where he was a sergeant first class. He described himself as a family man who kept in touch with his old friends. He was an amateur artist who enjoyed music and culture and was skilled at drawing. He frequently displayed his artistic abilities in highly decorative and carefully choreographed posing routines.

Net Worth

Eva Matulessy-McMillan is thought to have a $300,000 USD net worth. Cedric McMillan also won numerous honors, prizes, and distinctions. His bodybuilding business provided the majority of his income. He had a net worth of over $7 million before his death.

Cause of Death

It was widely believed that he had a heart attack on the treadmill while exercising. After sharing his past health issues and having a near-death experience in December 2021, he passed away on 12 April 2022. He also claimed to have been having respiratory problems due to Covid-19. He was eventually hospitalized for pneumonia and put on life support due to a breathing problem.

Final Verdict

In contrast to the bigger, more sculpted mass physiques that rule the sport, McMillan was famous for his attractive physique. People will never forget his contribution to the world of bodybuilding. Stay connected to read more inspirational stories about your favorite celebrities.

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