Roman Alexander-Raj Smith Star Kid Life


Roman Alexander-Raj Smith is the 4 years old son of the famous American singer Ne-Yo. The audience has always noticed him because of his father’s prominence. Unknowingly, Roman has gained popularity. However, this innocent kid is not responsible for this situation.

As the title of the article exemplifies, it’s all about Roman Alexander-Raj Smith. Moreover, to intensify his character more prominently, a few essential pieces of information will be there about his father.

Early Life And Family

Roman Alexander-Raj Smith is the second child of Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay Williams. He was born on 14th June 2018. Roman must be busy making memories with his siblings, Shaffer Chimere Smith, Jr. and Isabella Rose Smith.

Apart from this, nothing else can be accumulated about Roman Alexander-Raj Smith. None of his parents are interested in conveying any essential news about Roman’s childhood journey or the bond he shares with his siblings. Hence, this expresses their interest in leading a private lifestyle.

Roman’s Father And His Net Worth

Ne-Yo is a singer, actor, and dancer from America. He was born on 18th October 1979 in Camden, Arkansas, U.S. His family had a musical background from where he gained the essence of music in him. In My Own Words is his debut album, which has reached the topmost position on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

Within a year, he gifted his devotees with his second album, Because of You. It’s a platinum-selling album that debuted on the Billboard 200. Additionally, the album also gained a position in the Top R&B/ Hip-Hop Albums charts. At the 50th Grammy Awards for this album, Ne-Yo won the Grammy Award under the category of Best Contemporary R&B Album.

Not only breaking all the records in the musical realm, but Ne-Yo is also recognized as a reality show judge. From 2017 to 2020, he became a part of the judging panel with Jennifer Lopez and Derek Hough of World of Dance. He performed as Badger on The Masked Singer UK season 2.

In March, Ne-Yo and Jamaican dancehall worked together for a new musical anthem, “Over Again.” On 15th July 2022, he released his ninth album, Self Explanatory.

For a long time, he was in a love relationship with Jesseca White, but it didn’t work out for the couple. Later Ne-Yo gets associated with Monyetta Shaw and has two kids with her. However, after a long interlude, he announced his engagement with Crystal Renay Williams.

Several times, Ne-Yo has faced legal issues for reckless driving without a license. Moreover, as retribution, he was ordered to involve himself in 24 hours of community service. After watching the documentary titled What the Health, he pushed himself to opt for a vegan diet to lead a healthy life.

Ne-Yo has an estimated net worth of around 15 million dollars.

Roman’s Net Worth

Is figuring out the net worth of a 4-year-old kid ethical? No, it’s not. Roman Alexander-Raj Smith is wholly dependent upon his parents for his needs. So it’s better to avoid overlooking this subject about him.


The segments mentioned in the content defined everything about Roman Alexander-Raj Smith. Hopefully, he will also climb the stairs of victory to make his parents proud.

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