Beckett Gardner Fish Career, Family, & More


Beckett Gardner Fish is the son of former tennis player Mardy Fish. Just like other celebrity kids, Beckett has also utilized his father’s popularity to capture the attention of the media and the audience. Nevertheless, the curious crowd has always tried to notify how the star kids proceed in their lives.

As the title of the article suggests, it will put forward all the necessary information about Beckett Gardner Fish. However, to enhance his personality, some important notifications will be added about his father.

Early Life And Family

Beckett Gardner Fish was born in 2014. He is the firstborn to Mardy Fish and Stacey Gardner. The audience has noticed his mother in the series Deal or No Deal as the “Briefcase Model.” Beckett has no siblings and is leading his life with his parents in Los Angeles, California.

Other than this, nothing else can be accumulated about Beckett. He is consistently recognized as Mardy’s son. Nonetheless, Beckett, along with his, prefers leading a private life and doesn’t appreciate expressing anything about their opinions.

Beckett’s Father And His Net Worth

Mardy Simpson Fish, professionally known as Mardy Fish, is a retired tennis player from America. He was born on 9th December 1981 in Edina, Minnesota. His parents were Tom and Sally Fish. However, his father was a professional tennis coach, and his mother was a homemaker.

To attain his primary education from Vero Beach High School and shifted to Boca Prep International School for future studies. Mardy started playing tennis at the age of 2. On the other hand, simultaneously, he had a great interest in basketball as well. Nonetheless, he represented his school both in basketball and tennis matches.

At 20, he confronted the world as a professional player in 2000. Within a short duration, he notified himself of a part of some significant matches. Moreover, Mardy is best known for his game strategy at the Grand Slam tournaments. Mardy attained the finals of the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

But due to health issues, Mardy Fish had to announce his retirement in 2014. After facing the effects of arrhythmia, an anxiety disorder, he had to move out from his sports career. Moreover, in 2019, Jim Courier was substituted by Mardy as the captain of the United States Davis Cup team.

Additionally, in a Netflix documentary, Untold: Breaking Point, Mardy Fish came up to share how he overpowered his depression and apprehension. In the documentary, he also expressed the battle because of which he had to take early retirement from his professional tennis career. In 2022, Mardy Fish was felicitated as the sponsor to participate in the 3M Open, a PGA Tour occasion in Minnesota.

According to the sources, Mardy Fish has a net worth of 4 million dollars.

Beckett’s Net Worth

Beckett Gardner Fish is not in a position to generate his income. Hence estimating his net worth is inappropriate at his moment. So it’s better to overlook Beckett Gardner Fish without any evidence.


The content segments are all about Beckett Gardner Fish and his father, who has assisted him in gaining proficiency. Currently, the audience is looking forward to Beckett, so he can make his parents proud by putting together his efforts in shaping his career.

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