Corey McLaughlin Jr, the brother of American actor Caleb McLaughlin


Would you like to succeed in Hollywood? There are a few approaches to make that happen. The first tool is having exceptional skills. If you are naturally talented, becoming famous won’t be any trouble. Alternatively, if you have a celebrity sibling in the industry, you can follow in their footsteps. One example of someone who attained quick fame using the later approach is Corey McLaughlin Jr.

As the brother of well-known American actor Caleb McLaughlin, Corey McLaughlin Jr. was well-accepted in Hollywood. Actor Caleb McLaughlin is well known for playing Lucas Sinclair in the science fiction series Stranger Things. This article includes all there is to know about Corey McLaughlin Jr.

The Biography of Corey McLaughlin Jr

As an American citizen, Corey Mclaughlin Jr was born in Hamlet of Carmel, New York. Corey’s parents are Corey McLaughlin the 1st and April McLaughlin. Corey shares his father’s faith in Christianity. His father, Corey McLaughlin, was a priest who worked as an associate pastor at Mt. Olivet Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia. He was also a businessman and the proprietor of a restaurant. On the other hand, Corey’s mother was an expert marketer by profession.

Who are the Siblings of Corey McLaughlin Jr?

Corey has three siblings; two sisters and a younger brother.  The well-known actor Caleb McLaughlin is Corey’s younger brother. His two sisters are Caitlyn McLaughlin and Crystal McLaughlin.

Everyone knows Caleb because of his thriving career as an American actor. Moreover, Caleb and Corey are not the only siblings in the spotlight. Caitlyn is also a famous actress, dancer, and singer. She is well-known for her role in Lost in the Stars. However, the only sibling who has chosen to stay out of the spotlight is Crystal McLaughlin. She has a career that does not require her to be in the public.

Who is Caleb McLaughlin?

Caleb McLaughlin was born on October 13th, 2001. His middle name is Reginald but he is popularly known as Lucas Sinclair, a role he played in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Corey began his career as an entertainer at a young age. His first appearance on the Broadway stage was in a musical called The Lion King where he acted as Young Simba. After that, the ambitious young man, Corey Reginald McLaughlin performed several small roles on television.

Following Corey’s breakthrough with Stranger Things, he has appeared in many other top films and tv shows. He was in High Flying Bird in 2019. Also in 2020, Corey performed his first starring feature role, Concrete Cowboy.

Corey McLaughlin Jr’s Net Worth

We do not have accurate information regarding Corey’s net worth at the moment. However, his younger brother, who has been in the limelight longer has some information. Caleb Reginald McLaughlin is worth a total of $3 million which is expected to increase with time. The American celebrity makes money as an actor and through social media.



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