Learn Everything About Eileen D. Medvey


Eileen D. Medvey has been on the ladder of netizens thanks to her daughter Jen Psaki, an American political analyst and former White House press secretary. Despite her daughter having served in the highest-ranking offices in the United States of America, Eileen has kept a low profile.

Personal Life

Eileen D. Medvey is married to James R. Psaki; the two met in the 1970s and liked each other. After some time, they sparked a romantic relationship, crowned it with a wedding in 1976. Eileen and her husband went on to have three beautiful daughters, Jen Psaki, Kristen, and Stephanie Psaki.

Education and Career

Eileen D. Medvey is known through her daughter, and so many details about her are unknown, including her educational information. She has not mentioned which schools she attended, but she studied at the college level and worked as a psychotherapist.

Her Daughter

Eileen D. Medvey made sure that her daughter got the necessary education. She enrolled Jen in Greenwich High School, after which Jen joined the College of William & Mary. Eileen’s daughter graduated in 2000 from college with a degree in Sociology and English. Immediately after college, Jen got into the political arena by joining the Democratic Party.

Jen Psaki campaigned for democrats running for senate and gubernatorial seat in lowa. In 2004, Eileen’s daughter served as the deputy press secretary in John Kerry’s presidential campaign. In 2008, Jen joined the Obama presidential campaign serving as traveling press secretary, and after Obama won the elections, she worked in several positions.

Eileen’s daughter then moved to the Biden administration, where she served as White House Press Secretary for two years before quitting in 2022. Jen has been working as a political analyst on MSNBC since May 2022; she also hosts a show on the channel.

Is Eileen’s Daughter Married?

Eileen’s daughter has not only had a successful career but is doing well in her romantic life. Jen met the love of her life Grep Mecher in 2006 at a Congressional Campaign Committee meeting. They started dating before taking their relationship to the next step four years later. Eileen’s daughter and her lover Greg exchanged their wedding vows on May 8, 2010, in front of their loved ones.

Jen and her husband are parents to two beautiful kids making Eileen D. Medvey a grandmother to at least two grandkids.

Net Worth of Eileen’s Daughter

Eileen’s daughter has made her fortune through her career as a political analyst. Besides, she has also served in different administrations in several positions. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately 27 million dollars, and Eileen must be very proud of her daughter’s achievements. Besides, if Eileen needs financial assistance, she can ask for help from her daughter.

Eileen’s Whereabouts

It is unclear what Eileen D. Medvey is up to now; she might still be working as a psychotherapist or spending time with her family, especially with her kids. Besides, even though her daughter is active on Twitter, she uses it to post political-related content, not details about her mother.

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