Everything You Need to Know About Maysa Sweeten


Maysa Sweeten is a celebrity sister; she is known as the sister of Sawyer Sweeten, who was an American child actor. She was born on March 24, 1999, in Brownwood, Texas, USA, to Elizabeth Ann Gini and Timothy Lynn Sweeten. She has three siblings who were all actors, but she also has half-siblings from her mother’s second marriage.

Early Life

Maysa Sweeten was born as the last child of her parents; her older siblings, Sawyer, Sullivan, and Madylin, had already ventured into the acting realm. They were all appearing as siblings in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Despite being born into a happy family, her parents separated, and she had to spend some time with her mother and some time with her father.

Maysa had a close relationship with her siblings despite not appearing on screen as they did; she loved them, and she still loves them.


Regarding her educational details, Maysa Sweeten has been very secretive; she has not revealed which institutions she has attended, but then, given that her family was well-off, she must have attended the best schools and probably in her final year in college.

Personal Life

Maysa Sweeten has not revealed details of her love life; it is unclear if she is dating or not. However, she is still young, and there is no pressure; she has so many years ahead of herself, and she might meet several suitors in the years to come. Besides, she is a good-looking lady and, above all, a humble human being.

Her Brother

Maysa’s brother was born in 1995, and in the following year, he started acting. He joined the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond together with his twin brother Sullivan and older sister Madylin. They played onscreen and real-life siblings on the show until 2005. In the show, Ray Romano portrayed their father, while Patricia Heaton portrayed their mother.

Besides, Everybody Loves Raymond, Maysa’s brother, appeared in two other shows, that is, Even Stevens and Frank McKlusky, C.I.

Her Brother’s Death

Sawyer Sweeten died due to a gunshot wound to his head on April 23, 2015. He had shot himself; he was probably going through a lot, but Sawyer had no one to talk to about his issues, and then he eventually took his own life. Upon his death, several of his Everybody Loves Raymond costars commented on his death. His onscreen father, Ray Romano, said that he was such a sweet young man and that it was unfortunate that he was gone.

His onscreen mother also had words of praise for the young actor, and she made it clear that it was such a loss to the acting industry and also to the Sweeten family. Maysa’s brother was also mourned by his onscreen grandmother. Maysa’s sister, Madylin, mourned her brother and mentioned it is good to reach out to loved ones to know if they are okay.

Social Media

Maysa Sweeten has not indicated if she is active on any of the social media platforms; no accounts belonging have been found on Instagram, Facebook, or App X. However, there is a possibility that she has private accounts where she shares pictures with some of her friends.

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