Who is Natalie Michelle Cummings?


Although Natalie Michele is an American television personality, her limelight is attributed to her famous parents. Natalie is the daughter of Maureen McCormick and Michael Cummings. Her parents are reputable actors, which paved the way for her to follow in their footsteps. Natalie has achieved a lot, and thanks to the drive she gets from her parents, she will keep winning. So, who is Natalie Michelle Cummings?

Biography and Profile of Natalie Michelle Cummings

Natalie is a female born on May 19, 1989. Her birthplace is Los Angeles, California, and her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is white, and her horoscope is Taurus. Natalie’s eye color is brown, while her hair color is blonde.

Natalie is the daughter of Michael Cummings and Maureen McCormick. Her mother is a decorated American actress and a singer, while her father is an American actor and has appeared in numerous movies. Moreover, he is a Norwegian script translator.

Natalie’s hobbies include photography and listening to music. She has no siblings, and her dating life is unknown. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Natalie’s Career, Net Worth, and Education

Natalie is the daughter of American celebrities. Her parent’s career attracted her, and she followed their path. She is an American actress and a social media and TV personality. Moreover, she is passionate about digital marketing and loves teaching yoga. Natalie has a successful yoga business located in the United States, which supplements her career and income.

Natalie once worked at Yoga for Arthritis as the digital supervisor. Further, she has worked for Webmaster as its social media marketing manager. Natalie is also an author and has a book called The Fiddle.

Natalie is a graduate of a private university. However, she didn’t reveal any information about where she studied or other education-related information. We don’t know her qualifications, but being a celebrity kid has given her an upper hand in appearing as a guest in different shows and adding to her popularity.

Natalie keeps a personal life. We don’t know about her dating life. She is not married and lives with her parents. Since she has no siblings, she enjoys the warmth of her parent’s love, and they keep motivating her to become more successful.

Natalie has accumulated a substantial net worth based on her social media personality, career, yoga business, etc. As of 2023, we estimate that Natalie is worth $1.5 million. This net worth is based on what we know about her and where she gets her income. Nonetheless, her parents are wealthy, and she still enjoys the luxury that comes with it.

Who are Natalie’s Parents?

Natalie’s mother is an American actress, recording artist, and author. She was born on August 5, 1956, in Los Angeles, California. Maureen has recorded four albums and has received different nominations, including awards like Beautiful Braces. Still, she has appeared on TV series like The Brady Bunch.

Natalie’s father was born in Los Angeles, California in 1960. He is an American actor and entrepreneur. He is mainly known for the “A Wild Duck” movie.

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