Laiah Simone Campbell- Family, Personal Life, Education and Boyfriend


Laiah Simone Campbell is a celebrity child. Her parents are American musician Tina Campbell and drummer Teddy Campbell. She was born on September 9, 2003, and has four younger siblings  Santana, Glendon Theodore Jr, Cierra and Meela Jane Campbell. As a firstborn child, she has always loved her younger siblings and taken care of them.


Laiah Simone Campbell completed her high school education in 2021. Her mother posted a picture of Laiah in her graduation gown in December 2022 and mentioned that she would be heading to Pepperdine University to pursue a degree in psychology. Laiah’s mother hopes that once she completes her college degree, she will start helping people.

Personal Life

Even though Laiah likes posting her pictures on social media platforms, there are personal details that she does not reveal on the internet, including her love life. She is not married, but she probably has a boyfriend. Besides, she possesses all the traits of a good person, and hopefully, she will get a boyfriend as lovely as her.

When she was young, Laiah Simone Campbell appeared on the Mary Mary show. Now she has grown into a beautiful lady. Tina describes her daughter Laiah as a responsible human being, a conscious leader, and one with a brilliant mind. Laiah’ has a good relationship with her aunt Erica; she even wrote her a birthday song in 2018 when she turned 15.

Her Parents

Laiah’s mother started her music career in 1998; together with her sister Erica, they formed a duo called Mary, Mary. The gospel music group recorded and released some songs, including Don’t Waste Your Time. They released their first album, It’s Personal, in 2015, and it was a success; it was charted on Independent Albums and The Billboard 200 charts, then it peaked at number one in the Top Gospel Albums chart.

Laiah’s father has had a great career as a drummer; he has performed in several television shows. He also worked with the duo Mary, Mary. Additionally, he has been on tours with many artists and music groups, including Queen Latifah, Britney Spears, Dakota Moon, Christina Aguilera and The Backstreet Boys.

Laiah’s parents’ love life has not always been excellent; Tina discovered that her husband cheated on her. Laiah’s mother did not want the marriage to crumble; she forgave her husband, and they fell in love again. Their reality show Mary, Mary featured the infidelity issue and how it had affected Laiah’s mother, but through prayer and counselling, they mended their marriage.

Her Parents’ Net Worth

Laiah’s parents have both made good fortunes from their music careers. For instance, her father has a net worth of 5 million dollars, and her mother’s net worth is about 10 million. Given the money her parents have, she must have enjoyed herself while growing up, but now she is an adult, she can start making her own.

Social Media Presence

Laiah Simone Campbell is active on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram, where she has over 8k followers. She occasionally posts pictures of herself, and her fans always pour their love into her, including her mother

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