Empire Television Show Season 6


Empire, an American television drama series, debuted its sixth and final season on Fox on September 24, 2019. The season’s release date was April 30, 2019. Produced by 20th Century Fox Television in collaboration with Imagine Entertainment, Lee Daniels Entertainment, Danny Strong Productions, and Little Chicken Inc. Mahoney, Danny Strong, and Lee Daniels are the season’s showrunners.

Episode 1

Six months after the events of Season 5, Cookie is concentrating on building her brand outside of Empire, and Lucious is on the run from the authorities. Teri and Andre are married, and they’re getting ready for the arrival of their baby. Hakeem sets his sights on the lead role in the first Empire film, and Becky and Giselle look for their first Bossy Media artist. Complications with the baby start to arise for Teri.

Episode 2

As Andre struggles to choose between his wife and child, Becky and Giselle strive to gain Lala’s favor, Tiana aids Devon in finding his voice, and Kingsley protects Andre’s family, Cookie confronts Damon about his deceit.

Episode 3

As Lucious’ plan to elude the Feds comes to fruition, Cookie is kidnapped by Damon, Andre experiences Kingsley’s ghost, Tiana faces criticism, Becky tests her new artist, and Becky gets a surprise visit from her family.

Episode 4

A happy family occasion brings the Lyon family back together, but it becomes apparent that no one seems to see eye-to-eye, especially the fractured relationship between Lucious and Cookie. Lucious, unhappy with how Empire and the Empire movie are progressing, springs into action and comes face-to-face with demons from his past. Meanwhile, Cookie reaches her breaking point and considers seeking help through therapy and Andre encourages Tiana to smooth over the controversy she created for the company but Tiana’s antics have ever-lasting consequences. Giselle and Becky attempt to sign Tiana to Bossy Media in order to do a collaboration with Lala, although Tiana is now all too willing to defect.

Episode 5

While Cookie fights for control of Empire and Andre and Lucious contend for control of Bossy Records, Lucious tries to make amends with Philly Street. Cookie hands in the house key and admits to her 17-year sentence, leaving Lucious all by himself.

Episode 6

Cookie and Lucious fight, Candace and Carol take her on a girls’ trip, Andre makes a bold decision, Giselle finds Tiana a new audience, and Yana confronts Lucious about why he betrayed her.

In the series finale (episode 18), Cookie contemplates the person she has become, while Lucious is forced to decide between his family and the Empire. Andre continues to make plans to travel to South Africa, despite Cookie, Lucious, and Hakeem’s efforts to persuade him to stay for Teri and Walker. Cookie and Lucious work together to undermine Giselle and Kelly Patel by joining the board of Pamplemousse, which ultimately pulls them closer together despite their constant family disputes.

While Porsha and Becky are tense already, Becky is putting the finishing touches on BossyFest and her stress prompts her to say hurtful things to Porsha. After giving it some thought, Lucious decides against joining Yana on her tour and opts to stay in New York to be with Cookie. He hands Cookie a collection of unfinished jail letters and has Yana sing a song he wrote specifically for her, “Home Is On The Way.” Maya and Hakeem’s romance deepens during BossyFest, and Becky and Porsha reconcile after Becky allows Porsha to sing with Tiana.

While attending BossyFest, Damon Cross discovers that Yana and Lucious were involved. As Yana and Lucious are cuddling, he makes an effort to assassinate Lucious but kills Yana instead. As a result, Lucious and Damon start fighting, and Lucious braces himself for the worst by having Philly Street bring Cookie a Goodbye card before their confrontation. Cookie hurries to the house as soon as she receives the card in an effort to save Lucious, and she is ultimately successful. The Lyon Family attends the Empire movie premiere at the conclusion of the episode, where Hakeem sings the show’s theme song, “The Oath.”


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